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Accessibility for Travellers

No matter where we go, issues of accessibility exist for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. Travelling seems to be an area where this can be especially difficult for people that have hearing impairments. Airlines have safety announcements, but most are verbal and visual and lack key points for someone that may not be able to hear. Some airlines do have their safety procedures on video and captioned, which is the basic minimum, we think.

Recently one of our team was in Vienna, Austria, and saw that they have captioning AND signing on their information screens for users! Way to go, Austria! North American transit systems could really learn from what is happening in Vienna and implement something similar for people on this continent. Check out the video on our YouTube Channel.

IR Broadcast Captioning provides a wealth of services to allow accessibility in different areas. Our core area of service is providing Remote CART Services for students in educational environments, such as university, college and high school. Other areas of services includes meetings for businesses, medical visits or even large conferences.  Learn more by visiting our Services Page and see how IR can assist you in a multitude of ways.


Remote CART at 25th Annual VOICE Conference in Guelph, Ontario

Remote CART services will be provided by IR Broadcast Captioning at the 25th Annual VOICE Conference in Guelph, Ontario on Saturday, May 6, 2017.

Remote CART Services for hard of hearing and deaf students in classroom settings.How will this benefit attendees? By providing live Remote CART Services, everyone in attendance will be able to read what is being said, allowing full access for all attendees.  CART Services will be provided in the main meeting area for the plenary sessions and also the breakout rooms.

In addition to those in attending, IR will be providing specific access for those who want to be able to view the CART services remotely. To coordinate this, please contact the conference coordinator and they will ensure you are on the list to receive viewing access to the sessions and access the live streaming CART on your own device.

IR Broadcast Captioning has been providing Remote CART Services to educational and corporate clients across North America since 1992. To learn more send us a message and we will be happy to provide further information on our services.