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Remote CART

Remote CART Services by IR provides accessibility for hard-of-hearing and deaf individuals in practically any environment.

Remote CART Services by IRCART Services, Communication Access Realtime Translation, provides the user with a near-instant realtime translation of anything that is spoken.

What do you need to access the services? An internet connection, a computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone to view the services and a source of audio. Audio can be transmitted with a wireless mic and connection to one of our server links.

The realtime text is taken down by a CART writer on a stenotype machine, “converted” from steno through special software on their computer which translates that steno to English. The live text can be then read by the user on a single computer screen or by an entire audience through monitors or projected screens.

Remote CART services are primarily used by people who are hearing-of-hearing or deaf. The Americans with Disabilities Act has recognized CART services as an assistive technology that allows effective communication access for people with hearing impairments.

Where can the services be used? Educational settings, corporate meetings, conventions and legal services.

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