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How Does Remote Cart Services or Classroom Captioning Benefit Your Student?

 By providing hard-of-hearing or deaf students with equal access to a realtime text feed of all instructed material for lectures and classes.

Remote CART Services is a real-time text service that allows any hard of hearings or deaf students to read what is being said in the classroom on a laptop, tablet or even a smartphone. Anything the professor or instructor talks about in a lecture hall or classroom is easily viewed, and read on their device in real-time, by your student using the services. Some people may refer to Remote CART as classroom captioning. Different wording, but it is the same service.

And having this service in place provides full accessibility for your hard-of-hearing or deaf student!

Why use Remote CART with a Student?

Remote CART, Communication Access Real-Time Translation, provides better accessibility for your students over other methods such as note-takers or other print services that generally provide a condensed version of what is being said in the class. Remote CART is the most complete service offered and generally provides a minimum of 98.5% true accuracy of ALL things that are spoken by the professor/instructor in the room.

Having Remote CART is less intrusive, meaning the student only needs to have their computer available for the service as all audio and real-time text are streamed through the internet and does not require a person to be in attendance in the classroom. This also allows easier movement from class to class for the student and also cost savings as you only pay for what you use. No full day charges, parking or other minimum charges.

Remote CART services use the same core technology used in providing real-time captioning services for the television industry. This technology provides a minimum 98.5% accuracy and translation, allowing the user to have a comprehensive understanding that hearing students receive, providing your hard of hearing students with equal access.

Another benefit is that these students receive an electronic file at the end of the day for each class. This provides them with the same text they read on their screen and becomes their note file for review and study purposes.

Remote CART Services can be displayed on individual laptop computers, large monitors or an LCD projector for the comprehension benefit of ALL students in the class or lecture hall. This can even be added to Distance Learning so they can attend the class or lecture anywhere.

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