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“It Has To Be Seen To Be Heard.”


Why Consider IR?

IR Broadcast Captioning has been providing Remote CART Services to clients since 1992. We understand the needs of clients and pass this knowledge on to our team as we expand. Each year we provide thousands of hours of realtime services to education and business clients across North America.

We truly appreciate what is needed by each client and then work with them to customize solutions that best suit those needs.

What good are services if there is nothing to stand behind the people providing the services?  Not much, except that at IR, we ensure a support team is there to monitor services and troubleshoot, in real-time, any issues that may arise. In doing this we can keep downtime to a minimum, because let’s face it, sometimes the Internet and computer equipment just don’t want to get along with each other!

The writing team is also provided with databases of keywords and terminology that allows a better understanding of pretty much any environment they may get put into. Having this helps the CART Writer to provide a cleaner realtime stream for the hard of hearing individuals follow along in whatever setting they may be in.

So, why not talk with us and learn how we can create a solution for your company? 

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