About Us

Founded in 1987 IR has been a pioneer in realtime services in North America since the early 1990s. We understand the needs of the community. IR provides services for broadcasters on any level, from local stations to national networks.
Our principal, Duane O’Geil, has an encompassing range of experience in the captioning industry in both the United States and Canada, dating back to 1992. His extensive knowledge on every level in the captioning field includes involvement in helping clients provide realtime and off-line captioning services, establishing client relationships, training realtime captionists, gathering information for major live sporting or news events, and providing support services to television stations in various areas in North America. He has worked with clients in coverage from local news to the summer and winter Olympic games in both the United States and Canada.

Our team of realtime captionists also boast an extensive range of experience, over 50 years collectively. Our realtime team provides captioning services for local newscasts, sporting events that include horse racing, hockey games, NBA basketball games, educational services, legislative broadcasts, services for hard-of-hearing individuals, associations, large corporate private broadcasts, and off-line production work for various programs.

The final addition to our team is our in-house research department. Their primary job is to gather details on each program or daily events related to specific broadcasts so that our writers are as up to date as possible with each event they caption. This information is disseminated on our internal Intranet, and this provides our entire team with a wealth of information on subjects on a moment’s notice.

IR is ready to work with you and show how our team can provide you with quality captioned programming.