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Notetaking & Transcription Services 

Need note-taking services from audio recordings of your classes transcribed? We can do that!

Sometimes not all services we provide are for live classroom settings. There are times where clients may just need to have a transcription for pre-recorded classes, lectures, or information audio recordings transcribed for your students. Doing this helps you to meet all Accessibility Acts and ensure hard-of-hearing and deaf students are provided with equal access to the recorded information.  And like our live Remote CART Services, when the audio files from your classes are completed, your students will receive a PDF file so that they can use this for their study notes and review.

How does it work? It’s as simple as recording the class or lecture, then uploading the audio file to us. Once the file is in our system you just let us know the level of services you need – True transcription or a rough draft of the class file – then the delivery option you are looking for. You can choose 24, 48, or 72 hour turnaround times. Once your file is completed you will receive your transcribed file in a PDF formatted file.

Pricing for transcription of recorded audio classes is based on the levels of service you request and also volumes for each semester. Let us know your service requirements and we can provide a rate schedule for our transcription services.

And, we only use real humans to create your file! No electronic software that tries to understand what is being said. Instead, a human listens to, understands the content, transcribes the audio and reviews the file that you will receive. This level of service ensures a great quality transcript is created for your students to use.

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