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How Does IR Bill for Remote CART Services?

Services for Remote CART are billed by the hour. Generally, IR works with your service office and determines the estimated number of hours that classes will require Remote CART Services. Rates are then billed based on the hours for that semester. A rate schedule is then agreed upon with you. IR provides a core rate for services up to 99 hours per semester, then 100-249 hours, 250-499 hours and 500+ hours. Contact us directly for a custom quote.

Are there any minimum weekly/monthly billing fees?

No, IR does NOT bill any minimum weekly/monthly fees to clients using our services. You are only billed for the time that we provide Remote CART Services. For example, your student has classes that go on Monday and Tuesday. Monday runs from 9:00 – 10:30 and Tuesday 9:00 – 10:00. There are no other services provided any other days. Your billing for the week would be 2.5 hours.

Does IR bill administration fees for providing Remote CART Services?

No, IR does not bill any additional fees to the services provided for Remote CART. There are no administration fees whatsoever.

What equipment does a student need in the classroom to access Remote CART Services?

Your student can use a laptop, PC or Mac, Chromebook or tablet for accessing the services. A source of audio is also needed and typically the best way to get this is from a wireless mic that is connected to the student’s computer and worn by the professor/instructor during the class.  The wireless mic can be provided by IR at no charge to save you from purchasing one. We will only bill for shipping to get it to you.

How quickly can Remote CART Services be setup?

Remote CART Services can be set up within hours of you requesting the services, if all equipment is in place. We generally need about 15 minutes to provide remote instructions for the initial settings for the equipment, then about another 15 minutes with the student to teach them how to start and end the sessions.  There are some troubleshooting tricks that we will also go through with them to help them better understand what to look for should there be an issue. Usually, we ask that setup and testing are done at least 24 hours before the student will start to use the services to allow extra time in the chance there is an equipment problem.

Do you have a video showing how Remote CART Services works?

Yes. Please watch our YouTube video here. This will give you an overview of the services and how they work.

Can Remote CART Services benefit other students that are not hard-of-hearing or deaf?

Yes, Remote CART Services can benefit other students with learning disabilities. Providing services to a student with learning disorders will allow these students to follow the text live, or review the transcript file after for their notes and study purposes. Allowing these students the ability to follow the instructor and read the information on a screen does provide better comprehension and improves their learning.

Can the student receive the file from the live class session?

Yes, your student can receive the file from the class. Files are sent by email directly to the student. IR provides files to students in a PDF formatted file.

Is there a charge for the student to access the transcript file from their class sessions?

No, we do not charge for the file to be sent to the student. Receiving the file is part of our inclusive services that we provide to educational clients.

How soon does the student receive the file after a class is finished?

The usual time for delivery of the files is approximately 4 hours after the end of the class. This allows our writers time to do a quick review and update the file before sending it to our in-house review team for distribution to the student.

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