Remote CART & Captioning Services


Remote CART Services & Classroom Captioning

IR Broadcast Captioning offers Remote CART Services for college, university, high schools, corporate events, conventions and conferences that provide full access for your hard-of-hearing or deaf attendees. IR’s remote CART services provide complete access for classroom or meeting settings. Easy to use and setup, these services give complete access with a realtime text stream that is read on practically any device.

Remote CART is an assistive technology that you should consider for any hard of hearing or deaf individual. Users will experience a much more complete ability to understand everything that is being said. These services are provided by trained court reporters/captioners and let your user read a real-time translation of all words spoken. These levels are much higher than using other methods of services, such as note-taking or automated voice recognition.

Audio File Transcription From Recorded Classroom and Lectures

Need to have audio files transcribed from recorded lectures, classes or other informational sessions. We specialize in transcription from educational institutes. Having readable text files provides equal access for your hard of hearing or deaf students.

Off-line Captioning for Broadcasters

IR Broadcast Captioning specializes in providing off-line captioning services.  Adding captions to your videos is simple and can be utilized for productions such as documentaries or series programming.