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Educational Services

Classroom captioning for university, college and high school classes to provide accessibility for your hard-of-hearing students. Remote CART services delivered to a single student or multiple.

Corporate Meetings

Remote CART and captioning services for business meetings, shareholder events, and general team sessions to provide inclusion of deaf and hard-of-hearing employees and attendees.

Conventions & Conferences

Provide convention and conference attendees with captioning for your keynote and concurrent sessions to large screens or a users device.

Notetaking & Transcription

Create transcripts for students from recorded lectures for easy distribution with a quick turnaround.

Video Captioning

Training videos or teaching videos with captioning provide full accessibility for deaf and hard-hearing individuals.

Zoom Meeting Captioning

Add realtime captioning and subtitles to your Zoom meetings to provide all meeting attendees with total accessibility.

Our Mission

Provide clients and end-users with a seamless and simple process for educational and corporate accessibility to hard-of-hearing individuals.

As we say here at IR – It Has To Be Seen To Be Heard!



An Experienced Team Delivering Remote CART Services for 30 years.

Trusted, reliable, innovative and always moving forward, IR Broadcast Captioning provides easy solutions for accessibility services. Our team focuses on your needs to provide services that are delivered by experienced realtime writers to ensure you receive accurate and comprehensive Remote CART, captioning and live text translation.

No matter the situation, location or delivery needs, IR will work with you and your team to ensure services provided are of the best quality.

Service Hours Provided

Students Assisted

Years of Service

Make An Impact

Remote CART and captioning delivers more than just words – it provides access, improved comprehension and a clearer understanding of classrooms or meetings for your end-users.

We Deliver Results

We work with you to understand your requirements and provide the solutions you need. Your job is busy enough. Working with a Remote CART and captioning provider should not add to that. 

Windows -iOS - Chrome OS

Any platform, any device. There’s no limited option for your student or attendee to view CART services. 

Support and Satisfaction

Always available to ensure everything works as needed. We’re a quick phone call or email away.

Thank you for all that you guys have done this year. You guys truly do make a difference for school programs for students and people like me.”


Hard-Of-Hearing Student & Remote CART User
Past Student Referral

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