Corporate CART Services

Why look to add Corporate CART services to your next meeting? Simple, it provides ALL your attendees the ability to read and hear what is going on in a large meeting, especially your hard-of-hearings employees.

Corporate CART - Business Meetings

Having CART services instead of an interpreters gives your employee a comprehensive tool to allow them to fully participate in any type of meeting setting. Using CART gives you many other useful solutions to providing access to deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals for the following areas:

job interviews
employee reviews
corporate meetings
shareholder meetings
corporate training sessions

CART services uses the same technology used in providing realtime captioning services for the television industry. This technology provides a minimum 98.5% accuracy and translation, allowing the user to have a comprehensive understanding that employees receive, providing deaf and hard-of-hearing students with equal access.

Employees using CART have the option of being able to receive an electronic file at the end of each session that provides them with a “transcript” of the meeting for future review. CART services can be displayed on monitors or an LCD projector for the comprehension benefit of ALL employees that attend any meeting or other type of session.