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Conferences and Conventions bring a different level of services for attendees. Most keynote or concurrent sessions can be noisier environments so having Remote CART Services or Captioning for these events adds an improved learning experience for those attending.

For keynote speakers, this is usually the largest attended event. Large screens are typically in place so that people, no matter where they are in the room, can watch the speaker while listening to their information. This is also the perfect time to add captioning to their presentation. Doing this helps to deliver a deeper impact of their message as people can read AND listen to what they are saying. For hard-of-hearing or deaf attendees, this is their lifeline to being able to participate, by watching the realtime captioning for the event.

For these indivuduals to get the full impact of specialized concurrent sessions, having Remote CART available is key. Each session they attend can provide them with equal access and they can view the live text on their own device.

IR Broadcast Captioning has provided services in these environments for up to 3,000 people. While there is some advance planning with you, knowledge of attendees and working with your audio/visual team, we can provide easy solutions to ensure that our Remote CART and Captioning services meet the needs for anyone that is in attendance.

And now with more and more people looking to save costs and reduce travel, maybe it’s time to consider remote attendees for your meetings. Doing this can boost attendance and provide people who may not have been able to attend the chance to still benefit from the conference material and provide your convention with added attendees.

Speak with us to get some ideas on what we can do to make your next convention or conference accessible and a success.


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