Convention and Conference Captioning Services

How Do I Provide Accessibility for Hard Of Hearing Individuals at a Convention or Conference?

Giving access to hard or hearing attendees is easy by having Remote CART Services provide a realtime text stream of your speakers.

Large conferences with many people create a difficult situation for hard of hearing attendees. The room ambience and other noises make it more difficult for these individuals to fully hear all the spoken verbal from the speakers they have paid to see and learn from.

Access to the text can be provided in a few different ways. The simplest way is for the attendee to login to our services with their own device, such as a laptop, tablet, even a smartphone. They can then read and follow along with the speaker in realtime.

Another option is to have the live text stream displayed on a large monitor or projector for all in the room to view. With the added distraction of having background noise, movement of individuals and even looking at emails one is missing while away from the office creates another dynamic that lessens the impact of your speaker.

Having the live text stream projected on screens in the room helps to ensure your speakers message has a bigger impact as hearing AND reading the text provides more comprehension than just listening alone.