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Are Your Students Getting All The Information They Need?
Remote Note Taking Services

Do you think that your note-taking services are missing out on providing students with all the details they need to prepare?

Many universities and colleges do, and it is why IR has further expanded our service options to now offer Remote Note Taking to our menu of services.

Traditionally, note-taking has been done by having a person sit in a class and take notes of what various things for students to follow. This may include study items, references to materials to read, important matters for reports and tests, et cetera. However, one of the problems with this is the content and does it have information one person thinks is important but not something another person would benefit from.

Why We Are Different!

This is where we can help. Our note-taking services are similar to our Remote CART Services. Instead of a summarized file that is normally provided, our Remote Note Taking Services is created from an audio file and provides pretty much all the information that is needed. This gives your students the option to review all the information from the class and decipher what THEY feel is important to them.

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