Classroom Captioning – Remote CART Services

Remote CART Services — Realtime text services that allows hard-of-hearings and deaf students to read what is being said in the classroom, without the hassle. Putting true realtime remote CART services, or classroom captioning, in place for your hard-of-hearing and deaf students will provide a cost effective and useful services.

Classroom Captioning - Remote CART Services

IR has provided CART services since 1990. IR currently provides over 200 hours of Remote CART Services to clients across North America each week during regular semester. That’s a lot of experience in educational settings!

Remote CART, Communication Access Realtime Translation, provides superior accessibility for your students over other methods available. Some people may refer to Remote CART as classroom captioning services. It is the same service.

While interpreters, note takers, and print services provide a condensed version of what is said in a class or lecture setting, CART provides the most comprehensive and complete translation for your students. Remote CART is not intrusive, meaning the student only needs to have their computer available for the service instead of a live CART writer or interpreter. This also allows easier movement from class to class for the student.

CART services uses the same technology used in providing realtime captioning services for the television industry. This technology provides a minimum 98.5% accuracy and translation, allowing the user to have a comprehensive understanding that hearing students receive, providing deaf and hard-of-hearing students with equal access.

Students using CART receive an electronic file at the end of each class that provides them with a “transcript” of the class or lecture. This allows the student to review and use these notes for their own study purposes and further review of what occurred in the classroom.

CART services can be displayed on individual laptop computers, large monitors or an LCD projector for the comprehension benefit of ALL students in the class or lecture hall.

Online attendance of classes are now possible as remote students can now attend the class or lecture anywhere, allowing distance learning to be easily accessible.